A monogamous hotwife?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

If you ask around the people you know, most of them wouldn’t call you a monogamous couple if your wife is having sex with other men.

Hotwifing and monogamy don’t exactly fit together in most people’s minds.

But you’re not most people, are you? If you were, you wouldn’t be reading around about dirty, filthy, super-sexy “cheating” wives, would you?

If you’ve got a hotwife or cuckolding or stag/vixen kink, you aren’t too worried about what other people think.

The question about monogamy is still important. It’s just not a question about sexual exclusivity.

It’s about your relationship, your emotional connection with your partner, and the rules you set to keep all that working.

There are couples out there who get into cuckolding and it turns into an excuse for the wife to really, actually, seriously cheat on her husband. The husband puts up with it because he says he craves the humiliation and emasculation.

At that point, you’re not really monogamous anymore. In the extreme cases you aren’t even a couple anymore — only the boyfriend or husband hasn’t gotten the memo.

Hotwifing and even cuckolding play work best when they’re fantasies explored by a loving and committed couple.

If you’re the guy getting “cucked” and you seem to be the only one that cares, you aren’t in a relationship. You’re just a chump.

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