A pornofied wife

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

You know what? I don’t even like porn today.

For real. Today’s pro porn looks so fake and manufactured that it’s hard to find it arousing.

It was sexier back in the 70s when the beauties seemed authentic, and the sex didn’t look like a choreographed performance full of outrageous positions and unemotional grinding.

It’s more like watching a checkup at the ob/gyn than passionate fucking.

There’s so much porn now and so much of it is boring. No offense to the girls, most of whom are sexy. The higher production values are nice in a way. But at the end of the day, it feels fake and unsatisfying. Like watching robots going through the motions.

A lot of guys still have that fantasy image of wifing up the porn star… or better yet… taking that sweet, innocent girlfriend and getting her to shoot a scene.

There’s something super-dirty about corrupting your innocent girl into a depraved fuck-slut.

What a lot of guys want out of “hotwifing” is that visual experience… watching her strip, seeing her naked body in the hands of another guy — a guy who is probably bigger and a pro at sex — and watching her fuck him.

Seeing that thick tool of his go inside her pussy, which is supposed to be YOUR pussy.

Seeing that look on her face as you know he’s hitting it just right.

It burns you up and makes you horny at the same time.

That’s the push and pull of the cuckold fantasy. Take her away, and then get her back.

Porn’s all fantasy on the screen. Behind the scenes, you hear stories about the reality. You may not want to know how that sausage gets made.

Still, as a fantasy image, you can imagine her getting banged out by a stud in a hotel room “for a video”. It’s all in how you set the scene…

Somehow, if it’s for work, it feels less like real-live cheating. She’s just fucking, it’s not an emotional hookup — it’s no threat to your relationship. She’s just a horny slut with an open mind… she’s not a cheater.

That’s the life goal for the hotwife’s stag husband. It may not be “cuckolding” as you know it… but it sounds like a whole lot of fun.

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