Are you trying too hard to make her a hotwife?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Gentlemen, if you want her to be your hotwife, you have to avoid this simple mistake.

But almost every man does it.

That mistake is coming on too strong.

Pressuring her. Trying to force her. Worse still, whining and begging for it.

Maybe you’ve got strong cuck tendencies and want her to dominate you. Maybe you’re a stag and salivate at the idea of her having sex with someone else.

Doesn’t matter. Pressure pushes her away.

What to do instead?

Present the idea to her so that SHE can see why it’s a good idea.

How do you do that?

Men like to explain. Men want to give reasons why it’s a good idea.

But her mind and body respond to feelings. Persuasion works through the emotions, not the rational mind.

If you want a hotwife, STOP arguing with her…

…and START tickling her emotions.

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