Baby it’s just a modeling job, there’s nothing to worry about

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They offered your wife a job as a model. And you needed the money, so it wasn’t like you could turn it down.

You didn’t mind much. You don’t think of yourself as the jealous type.

It’s flattering that your girl is sexy enough to be a model.

Yeah, the clothes are a little revealing. But what’s the difference in a racy shoot and modeling a bikini? Those girls in the lingerie catalog aren’t doing anything bad.

It wasn’t until a week into the job that you found out the truth.

“At first it was just showing off the slutty clothes,” she tells you after a sip of wine.

“But then they asked me if I wanted to make more money. A lot more money.”

Your heart’s beating like a drum at a rock concert.

“I saw the third overdue notice on the mortgage. What did you want me to do?”

How could you be mad? It was your fault you got into this situation. You wouldn’t be in this mess if you’d kept your job.

You’re upset. But a little time calms you down. And you’ve got that kink, don’t you?

You want to see the videos. You ask her to show you, and she agrees.

You watch your prim and proper little wife act like another man’s total slut for the camera.

She’s a good girl missionary style and a bad girl on all fours.

One guy finishes on her face. Another guy finishes inside her.

Now you know why she didn’t want to have sex the other day.

It’s the hottest thing you’ve ever seen.

“You’re married to a porn star now baby. I hope that’s what you wanted.”

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