A bull confesses, “I love a full hairy bush on the hotwives I have sex with”

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Posted by Larry X

Want Her to Cheat

“I’m a bush guy. I don’t care who knows it.”

Larry X, stag husband & part-time bull

For decades porn and social norms told us to expect women to be smooth, shaved and trimmed “down there”.

Now that the bush is making a come back, many men are finding that they prefer the natural look.

This dominant bull does one better.

He requires his hotwife to grow and keep a luxurious bush.

Even if her husband prefers her to shave.

You call me a bull but’s that not entirely true. It’s conditional. I’m a bull for other couples. I’m also married to a hotwife. It’s that kind of dynamic where we play hotwife, or I guess it’s called stag/vixen now, where she’s the vixen and I’m the stag.

I like it when she cucks me with another guy and she gets turned on when I dominate another wife. That’s her part in this kink. She loves to tease me and she loves it when I do it to another couple. It’s got to be a married girl and it’s got to involve dominating them.

We know it’s messed up. It’s weird, right? She would 100% not be okay with another girl outside of that situation. When it’s me laying down the law over another woman involved in her own relationship, that’s what gets her going.

We know it’s weird and we deal with it. We deal with it by having a lot of kinky sex and being comfortable with our kink. We know it’s out there but you know what? We like it and the couples we play with like it. This isn’t path-breaking stuff. People have been into BDSM since people learned how to fuck. People have been swingers forever. All we do is, we swing with a different angle, that’s all.

What I like to do is take charge. My wife and I like it best when it’s a couple that are both submissive. Or maybe one of them is a switch, like maybe the guy is normally dominant but he gets a thrill from playing sub. What happens is I get in there and I take control. I make her do things she won’t do for him. I set the rules on their sex life.

Some of the guys, if I don’t like them too much, or if I feel like being a little cruel, I’ll totally ban him from his wife’s pussy. Just like that, no more pussy for that guy. And they go along with it. I say cruel like I’m being vicious but it’s not that. That’s what they want. They want a guy right in there, in the bedroom, telling them what they can’t do. That’s what gets them off. That’s the rush.

What I like most? I like that big 80’s bush. They had it in the 70’s too. I guess they always had bush when you think about it. That bare look only got popular starting back in the 90’s, back when porn got big and everybody was all of the sudden getting a close up of a lot of pussies.

You know how all these women today, they look like plastic barbie dolls down there. You look at their pussy and it’s all smooth. You know it’s an adult woman but your brain is wondering, is this chick even legal? Is this a kid? You know it’s not but that’s the reaction. Your brain wants bush.

So what I do is, first thing I do, I say, you’ve got to grow that out. You’ve got to stop shaving. Next time I come over and pull those panties off, I want to see hair.

Some of them don’t care. I think a lot of ladies are happy to have an excuse. They don’t like shaving. A lot of them say ‘no way’ at first. They try to argue, but that’s the law. When I’m getting their pussy, my word is the law. They always give in.

What’s best is when the husband hates it. These guys can’t handle hair on a woman. They don’t like a hairy pussy. They get picky. Like dude I’m in here fucking your girl and you’re complaining about hair on her bush. A lot of these girls aren’t even that hairy. A lot of Asian wives are like this, they are not naturally hairy. They’ll get a lot of fur right there in the triangle and that’s about it.

I break them out of that programming. I make her grow out a full bush and then I tell her husband he’s got to love it if he wants to fuck her. He’s got to ask permission. When I’m fucking his wife, that’s my pussy first. He’s second and he’s got to ask permission.

They always do. Guys, most guys, they’re slaves to pussy. They’re thirsty. They’ll crawl over glass for a taste of pussy.

This one time, a wife we met, she was into it. She wanted to fuck around on her husband and of course he was ‘okay’ with it. Yeah. She was the pants in that relationship. And she thought she was going to bring that to me. Uh uh. She tried to put her foot down and I said, okay, you do that and see what happens.

I held back the dick. I told her, no more real dick until your pussy looks post-pubescent. That shocked her. You could tell she wasn’t used to hearing no. I didn’t hear from her for a week after that.

Then I heard second-hand that they’d had a fight about it. She was going to do it. He was trying to fight it. But he’s a cuck, of course he backed down.

I saw her again a couple of weeks later and you know what I saw? Bush. A nice one, too. One of those ambush muffs you’d never expect. Pulled her panties off and there it was. She was proud of it, too.

Cuck didn’t like it. I made him watch as I ate her pussy for an hour. She came like four or five times just from my tongue.

Then I fucked her and came inside her pussy. I knew it would be messy. I nutted inside her and it left a huge mess in her bush. I told her to get dressed. No clean-up. Put your panties back on, and drive home. She obeyed. Pulled her panties back on with my cum still leaking out of her.

Sent her home with a mess in her panties and told the passive-aggressive cuck that it was his job to clean up the mess.

You know what else? She could not stop texting me after that. All day long my phone is blowing up. When can we meet again? I loved what we did the other night. The word I got was her husband was pissed off about it at first. He didn’t like the bush and he hated that I left my load inside his wife’s pussy. But he came around after a couple of days.

He’s excited because that’s the only way he gets pussy anymore. Even though I only let him fuck her once every month and only if he’s not an asshole. He’s got to use a condom. At least he’s allowed a little.

But he’s probably going to lose that privilege soon. His wife is hooked on me now. This chick has a great body and now she’s got a great bush and we’re a good match in the bedroom. If that goes the way I plan it I’ll put her husband on full pussy denial for awhile. I don’t like sharing my main pussy with another guy, even if he is married to it.

If he keeps up with his bad attitude I might get her pregnant to teach him a lesson.

My wife? She loves the idea. She’s a wicked girl. She’d love it if I knocked up a man’s wife to teach him a lesson.

With me and her though? That’s a different story. She’s the one that got me into bush. She never apologized about going all natural. And she’s never had a problem getting dudes to fuck her. Guys, they’ll do anything for pussy.

Is that what you think now? You think I got put on pussy probation? You think I had a bad attitude and had to learn the hard way that Bush Is Beautiful? No comment. Draw your own conclusions.

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