Careful what you wish for, cuckold

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

She might have been resistant at first. But now you’ve opened the door and it won’t close again.

You can’t do a “take back” on extra-marital playtime. Once she’s had sex with another man, you can’t undo that.

A lot of couples worry about regret at this step. That’s a real concern. What are you going to do if you have buyer’s remorse the day after?

But if you’re communicating and being honest, you can get through that. It was just sex, right? It was pretty damn exciting, wasn’t it? You can get off to that.

The other thing that can happen? Your once-hesitant hotwife realizes what she’s been missing. Now she can’t get enough.

She doesn’t want to stop.

What would you do if the roles reversed, cuck? You discover that you don’t want your wife to have sex with anyone else… but she doesn’t want to stop.

It might sound like your dream come true. Just remember that some streets are one-way. Once you make the turn, you’re committed.

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