Cucked by his goth girlfriend

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

She’s on the “dark side”.

Black clothes. Hair dyed black. Black eyeliner. Black metal.

She’s all gloom. Except…

She loves to fuck.

She’ll fuck you like a starving beast going after prime rib.

Only thing is…

She’ll do the same thing to your friends. And complete strangers she meets when she goes out at night.

You don’t mind, do you? You love seeing her in the leather gear she wears out. The knee-high boots. The black lace lingerie and matching fishnets.

She’s got a banging body and she’s not afraid to show it off.

As long as she’s your girl, and you’re getting to fuck her too, it’s kinda hot, isn’t it?

She’s throwing off so much sexual energy that you have a permanent boner when she’s around. She’s so erotic, so sensual. No wonder she attracts men. That makes her even more desirable to you, doesn’t it? Other men want her… and some of them fuck her… but she’s YOUR girl.

That’s where the excitement comes from. It’s a game. Breaking all the rules. What would you expect from a kinky goth chick?

Better to be with a kinky chick than an uptight prude.

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