Cuckold husbands want an aggressive hotwife

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

It makes sense if you think about it. He’s into this fantasy because he wants her to “act like a slut”.

A lot of women aren’t into that. They don’t want to be known as a “bad girl”.

But some ladies do have a naughty side, and a lot more will let it out behind closed doors.

That’s one reason men have such a hard time convincing their special ladies to play along with their cuckolding and hotwifing urges.

She’s not comfortable acting them out, and he’s got no idea how to make her feel comfortable.

But many women, if not most, have a secret “dominant” side.

In the right situation, almost any woman will become a hungry predator in the bedroom.

Truth is, it’s sexy and erotic when a woman shows her sexual desire and takes control of the act.

One of the sexiest things a woman can do is take charge.

This may be one reason that cuckolding is such a common desire in men. Well over half of men report fantasizing about the women in their lives getting fucked by other men.

An aggressive hotwife is available for sex.

Can you make her into a sex-starved beast? Some women, sadly, aren’t ever going to be that way.

Some women are already like this — no convincing needed.

Most fall into the middle ground. She’s not into it, wouldn’t bring it up on her own… but she’s not saying no, either.

The trick is not to convince her. You aren’t a pushy traveling salesman trying to close a deal.

What you can do is plant the seed and then give her the opportunity to act on it.

Let her know what you want. Don’t just tell her, either. Show her how hot it makes you. Remember that females receive love and sex differently than men. Show her in HER language, too.

And then back off. You can’t talk her into it… but if you let her know what you like and then let her make the decision for herself, you might see magic happen.

Then one day you might come home to a woman willing to throw you against the wall and take what she wants… from you or anyone else she wants.

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