Cuckolding isn’t cheating

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Cheating Wife

Yeah, I know. We call her a “cheating wife”.

Other not so nice words like “slut” too.

Maybe that’s part of the fantasy for you.

You want her to be… or she wants to be… a dirty, naughty girl.

That’s sexy when it works. Your dirty naughty wife opening her legs for another guy. Hot!

But the words matter.

If you’re fantasizing about cheating, it’s not really cheating.

Women who really cheat are acting selfishly. The action shows disrespect for her boyfriend or husband. It tells him that he doesn’t really matter to her. His feelings aren’t part of her decision.

Cuckolding and hotwifing are sexual kinks that you explore together as a couple.

In a cuckold’s or stag’s mind, the sex is just sex. Put Tab A in Slot B.

What matters is the context. Is she doing it because she’s bored and feels a need to creep around behind his back?

Or is she doing it because he gets turned on, because he trusts her enough to know she’s coming back, and because SHE likes the thrill of sexual intimacy with other people?

That’s no small difference. The difference between a cuckold relationship and a woman cheating on her man behind his back makes all the difference.

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