Cucks loved to be screwed over

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Thanks for your girl. We’ll take it from here, cuck.

When you get down to it, the whole fantasy depends on one of those high school bullies that intimidates you.

Not always. It might not even happen “for real”. A lot of bulls are nothing but respectful to their couples. As it should be.

That stereotype, though. The big, strong, menacing guy who intimidates the weak beta cuck husband. That’s a powerful situation. The dynamic is always there even if nobody says it out loud.

For a lot of guys, that humiliation is part of the turn-on.

The Alpha Male who takes control over both of them. To a man’s pride it’s insulting, emasculating, and possibly threatening.

That’s a strange dynamic. As an author I’m not totally comfortable with it… and that’s exactly why it’s so potent. We love dangerous, frightening, terrifying things. The more forbidden, the more curious. There’s a reason that every mass murderer and serial killer locked in prison develops his own harem of female groupies.

Women respond to male aggression.

Cuckolding, the fantasy, might be a response to the fact that today’s men are taught to be nice. Lavish her with attention and praise and gifts. Give her everything she wants.

She might appreciate it consciously, but there’s no quicker way to dry up the pussy.

If hubby can’t or won’t give her that alpha-male desire, then it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she’ll find it outside their marriage.

And then hubby just happens to like that arrangement… to enjoy the dynamic between his wife and stronger, confident, aggressive bulls.

It’s no-stress living. If that’s how it works for them, then what’s the harm?

If he enjoys his “slutty” hotwife… if she loves the thrill of an alpha bad-boy with a stable beta husband at home… then they’re both getting what they want. They’re both happy and satisfied.

That sounds like a pretty good deal — even if hubby is “giving away the pussy”.

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