Dare your hotwife to walk into HIS bedroom… wearing almost nothing!

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

“Are you sure you want me to go in his bedroom in just this? You know what’s going to happen.”

There’s two other fetishes that you’ll often find in happy hotwives and curious cuckolds.

A budding hotwife might find that she enjoys the attention… the thrill of stripping down, being “accidentally” caught naked, or even having sex… with somebody else watching.

That’s one way that your monogamous mother of two might transform into an insatiable cuckoldress. She discovers that she is wildly turned on by being watched.

She’s got a voyeurism kink.

Her cuckolded husband finds himself erect, meanwhile, knowing that his wife is going to be ogled by another guy. Or a group of guys, for those into the gangbang scene.

His cuckold fetish might even start out by sharing pics of his beautiful wife online… sending her out on a girl’s night out with her most provocative slut-outfit… or even tempting her to flirt with other guys while he’s right there in the room.

He’s got a thing for candaulism.

Cuckolding and hotwifing fantasies aren’t just about the sex. That’s where it’s going, sure. But the act of triple-X PIV fucking is really just the cherry on top of the white wedding cake.

Without the emotional dynamic, the relationship connection, the intimacy of a couple, it’s just two people hooking up while a third guy awkwardly looks on.

What these couples really do is explore more exotic, refined tastes in the bedroom.

Not everybody’s willing to spend $100 for a bag of coffee beans. To the people who have a taste for it and the money to spend on it, the price is no object.

Couples that get off by experimenting with other partners might just have a “taste” for uninhibited sexual displays.

Send her to his room in her most seductive bra and panties. Once that happens, the sex act itself barely matters.

They’re going to have sex, of course. And you might like it a lot more if she comes back with his creampie inside her.

But that’s all feeding your fetish. He likes to share, she likes to be the center of attention. It’s a perfect match.

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