Dark hotwife secrets

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

The thing is, she’s not built for monogamy.

Staying with one man, in a stable partnership, for a long time can actually kill her libido.

They don’t teach you that in school.

Many women happily settle down into that monogamous relationship. It’s not all bad, either. Sex isn’t everything.

But if sex does matter?

If sex is her key frustration?

Monogamy may not be the cure.

Women love to fuck. They don’t always love to fuck one man, year after year.

Sorry if that shatters your illusions. We can’t control biology.

You can wish and hope… or you can live in the world as it really is.

In that world, women like to fuck… new, different, and exciting men. She’s wired to take dick.

The good news is, lots of men are wired to find her slutty instincts sensual, erotic, and exciting.

These men get off on her promiscuous needs… they transform it into their own erotic satisfaction.

You might be one of them.

The hotwife’s dark secret? She accepts her reality. That she has the best sex when she’s not committed to one cock.

When she finds a man who loves her for that… who gets his own thrills from her satisfaction… there’s nothing else quite like it.

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