Do you really want her to do it?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

A guy was talking about how he wanted his wife to cuck him by hooking up with another guy.

But there was one huge problem.

Every time he finished, he felt big-time regret.

The French have a saying for this. La petite mort. It means “the little death”.

That’s the crash back to reality that men feel after they cum. That fantasy that was so hot just 30 seconds ago? Now the guilt and shame and remorse is like a bag full of bricks hitting him in the face.

My wife fucked someone else. Another guy’s dick was inside her.

What to do?

Your wife’s super sexy. She loves you and you love her. She perked up when you told her your secret little fantasy.

You mean I can get with another guy and you’ll LIKE it? It’s a little weird, super kinky, but you can work with it.

It’s hot, and you want it. But can you do it? Should you?

There’s only one way to answer that.

Do you trust her?

The only way to know that is through openness, honesty, and communication about your desires.

Any cuckold hotwife fantasy has to start with open and honest communication.

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