Do you want her to cheat or to play?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

One of the harder things about having a cuckold fantasy is figuring out exactly what you want.

A lot of guys discover their kink after their wife or girlfriend cheats on them. They’re mad, jealous, upset and all that… but they’re also turned on beyond all reason.

The “cheating wife” trope has a lot of power because of that.

But maybe you don’t want a cheating wife. Maybe you want a loving, caring and committed wife who also has sex with other guys now and again.

That’s more of the hotwife or stag and vixen (SV) arrangement.

She “cheats”, but the cheating is totally consensual. A hotwife may only be involved in the lifestyle because she knows how much of a rise it gets out of her man.

It’s kink. It’s play-time.

That’s weird to the civilians out in Monogamy World. They can’t separate sex from love and commitment to each other.

But a cuckold relationship doesn’t have to be like cheating in a monogamous marriage.

The sex is part of their loving and committed relationship. It just happens to involve another man (or men).

Get clear about what you want to happen. If you want a “cheating wife”, that’s a different conversation from wanting a hotwife.

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