Ease into your hotwife fantasy

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

The first time you bring it up, she’s probably going to be shocked.

We expect monogamy. We learn it from a young age. When you tell her that you want her to be non-monogamous in the bedroom, that’s a shock.

It can take a long time to warm up to the idea.

Most of us wouldn’t jump into an ice-cold bath. The first thing you do is warm up the water. Then you ease in, one inch at a time, until you’re ready to make the plunge.

Your cuckold fantasy isn’t any different.

Instead of throwing her into ice water, you want to warm up the pool first. Then ease her into it slowly.

If you ask most healthy, honest married women if they’d sleep with a sexy guy who was into them, if there were no consequences and nobody would ever know about it, they’d say yes.

If you’ve got a cuckold or hotwife fantasy, your job is to help her take away the consequences. Even if they’re only in her own mind.

You do that by warming up the pool… and encouraging her to dip a toe in.

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