Findom isn’t cuckolding (and why it’s a disaster for men)

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Findom combines the ‘sugar daddy’ experience with Dom/sub play.

These ‘cuckoldress’ women find gullible men with cuck fetishes and milk them dry.

What usually happens is that these girls are already in a relationship.

They fuck their boyfriends while the sucker watches.

And they call that cuckolding.

Do you think that’s what cuckolding is all about?

What makes cuckolding so damn sexy in the first place is knowing that you are sharing your intimate partner sexually.

Venus Cuckoldress nails the key point:

Around here at the WHTC offices, we’re on board with the #findomisnotcuckolding hashtag.

Cuckolding is one way that loving, committed, yet open minded couples can express their sexuality and love for each other.

It doesn’t make sense to treat cuckolding as a kink that you can do on a hook-up.

Or watching another couple have sex because you paid the girl.

Then there’s the problem of trust.

How can you be in a relationship with a person who only shows interest in you if you’re paying them?

That’s not cuckolding. That’s hiring a hooker.

Around here we’re about positive and healthy cuckold/hotwife relationships.

We put couples first.

We want you to be emotionally healthy…

Loving and caring…

Most of all, we want the sex to be part of your sex life.

We don’t even think that a man has to be a submissive ‘beta male’ to enjoy experiencing his special lady’s delight in sex with other men.

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That’s as personal and intimate an experience as their own PIV sex — and often even more rewarding for both partners if they’ve been together awhile.

Bedrooms die as partners lose interest in each other. As strange as it is to civilians, cuckolding can keep that spark burning white-hot in ‘mature’ relationships.

What do you think? Can cuckolding co-exist with findom, or is cuckolding an activity for caring couples?

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