Giving control to the bull

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

“You want him to be in charge?” she asks.

To get the most out of the lifestyle, it could be best for both of you to let the bull take control.

If you’re going to let your hotwife sleep with other men, you might as well get all you can out of it.

For her, that means letting an assertive, dominant, even aggressive man (all in the spirit of fun and pleasure) give her what she needs.

For him, that means giving her up to a dominant man — with that little dash of humiliation that comes from another guy “stealing” his woman, if that’s his thing — while he’s powerless to do anything as she’s ravaged and pleasured by a different guy.

(Not that he would want to do anything about that.)

Two submissive people will find it hard to make this cuckold lifestyle work. But another guy, who controls the pace and timing of your marital couplings, can be that dominant partner you need.

That can mean letting the bull set the terms of your own sex life.

Let your bull decide when (or if) subby cuck gets to penetrate his wife.

Let him make the hotwife into his personal concubine… ready and willing to do his bidding at his command. Have him summon her for his pleasure, at the time and place of his choosing.

With text messaging and IM apps, this arrangement is easier than ever. He doesn’t even have to be there to exercise control over your bedroom. He can take your wife from you in spirit even without fucking her.

Give him control and enjoy new levels of excitement…

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