He loves that look in her eye when she’s getting naughty for her bull

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

She hasn’t looked at him, her own husband, like that for years.

Hurt? No, he’s not hurt.

He loves seeing that hunger in her eyes when she’s about to get laid.

If it takes a lover to bring it out of her, then that’s what it takes.

The thing is, they’ve been together for years. He enjoys sex with her. But after all this time… it’s just sex. Penis goes in vagina, get off, roll over.

It’s still great. It’s just not that interesting anymore.

Watching her excitement and nerves and joy while she’s getting ready for a date?

Knowing that she’s going to spread her legs for a guy that she’s got the hots for?

Waiting for those text messages… maybe a dirty pic or two… while you wonder what she’s doing with him?

That’s bottled up high-octane sex-drive.

It’s not for everyone. But for the men who love a cheating, slutty, sexy wife who drops all inhibitions, nothing else can measure up.

Call him a cuck if you want. He’s getting exactly what he wants. He’s got a woman that other guys compete for. And she’s over the moon because she can please her man while having the freedom to have any guy she wants.

Civilians may not like it. They might call you names and make fun of you.

But when everybody wins — the satisfied husband, the adventurous hotwife, and the lover who gets his needs met — what else is there to say?

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