He made sure his virgin bride had a satisfying wedding night

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

You were both virgins when you met, and you wanted to stay that way until you got married.

Not that you didn’t fool around. But intercourse was strictly off the table before you tied the knot. You both agreed that was more intimate that way.

Then you told her about your kinky fantasy.

She knew about your dirty mind. Virgin that you were, your open imagination was full of wild, experimental ideas about sex.

Threesomes, bondage, dominance and submission, you were down to try all of it.

She thought it was sexy, sometimes, when you were fooling around.

Then one night you broke the silence and told her what you really wanted.

“It would be so arousing if you got with another guy while I watched.”

You braced for her fiery temper. But it didn’t happen that way.

“You’d like that? Really?” Her sweet eyes looked at you full of innocent curiosity.

“I think it would be hot as hell.” You confessed that you sometimes jerked off imaging her losing her virginity to another guy and telling you about it later.

“Oh wow… that’s so dirty!” Mad? She sounds into it.

Which is how you ended up here, on your wedding night with your new bride in her white lingerie, about to lose her virginity.

But not to you.

“He’s going to be your first,” you told her. “Then I’ll consummate the marriage after he’s done.”

“I’m so nervous but this is so exciting!”

“Me too. But I’ll be here the whole time. Right next to you.”

You wanted to see her first penetration as much as she wanted to experience it.

“This is our wedding night. We’re going to lose our virginity together. Just a little differently than most couples do it.”

The knock at the door made us both jump.

We’d met Derek months ago. He knew all about our plans and what we wanted.

She was on birth control and Derek had tested clean. We were going to go all the way. My first time with my wife was going to be in another man’s sloppy seconds.

“Ready?” I smiled at her and she smiled back. She was barely dressed in matching bra and panties, bridal white. I couldn’t wait to have her young supple body, feel sex for the first time with my wife.

“Yes baby! Let’s make it happen.”

My new bride was about to have her first time, with another guy, while her husband watched it happen. And I couldn’t be happier.

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