“He says it’s off limits for you this week baby”

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

There’s a big streak of Dom/sub kink in hotwifing.

Pussy’s an exclusive deal. If a bull’s getting in it, husband is not.

That tease and denial is a major source of emotional and sexual energy for hotwife couples.

Some couples eroticize that with “femdom” and FLR relationships that put her in charge and deny the cuckold husband sexual access to his wife.

It’s a total power play. And if you do it right it can be over-the-top sexy for him and her.

We’ve written a lot about the excitement of sticking to blowjobs, handjobs, pussy eating, and more titillating forms of outercourse like the titty fuck and the pussyjob.

It’s getting intimate without crossing the border into PIV intercourse.

Denying hubby while giving the pussy to another man is naughty and debauched… and for men with the cuckold itch, it can be jerkoff material.

There was a thread on reddit yesterday asking about these kinds of emotional and sexual concessions to the bull. What does the bull get that the husband doesn’t?

I shared a story told to me by a friend in the lifestyle. She did the usual grooming down there, the full wax and trim which her husband (like many men) loved.

Then she met a bull who was into bush. He didn’t care at all for the bare look. At his request, she grew out a full healthy bush. Her bull loved it.

Her husband was not a fan. But it was his fantasy, it was his kink, and while he didn’t prefer it at all, he was madly turned on by it every time he saw her naked.

Seeing her undress for bed, getting out of the shower, and those times when he was allowed inside her while she was sexually active with the bull all reminded him that she was physically intimate with another man… whose wishes she took more seriously than her own husband.

The bush reminded both of them that the bull was her primary sex partner.

Sharing your wife’s body means giving up a degree of control over your relationship and your sex life. That’s the major aphrodisiac for many men… and for hotwives once they discover the power they hold.

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