He wants me to stay in his room tonight, you’re okay with that right?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Of course you’re okay with that.

It was your idea, wasn’t it?

She’s asking your permission like you’ve got a choice. That’s cute, isn’t it?

Like she wouldn’t go even if by some miracle you did say no.

You’ve seen how she looks at him.

You saw the way he wanted to take her right in front of you.

It was like you weren’t even there.

She’s going to his room alright. Her pussy is his tonight.

You’re lucky this is only a weekend holiday. If you stayed any longer, she’d be his little fuck-slave.

Not that you’d mind… right?

You want her to get fucked as badly as she wants to do it. Having him summon her to his room like a common slave girl is just spice on the dish.

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