He won baby, he gets me to himself tonight

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

You know that sports are competitive. So is sex.

Like it or not, Mother Nature built us to be possessive.

The male takes possession of the female so that he can reproduce with her. The female gets to choose which males reproduce with her.

There’s winners, and there’s losers. Maybe you knew that, when you made the bet for your wife’s pussy.

Cuckold fantasies start out in these animal desires. Sex, jealous rivalry, and violence come as one package. Men who have awakened and accepted their cuckolding instincts have learned to take pleasure in the competition.

The possibility of “losing” his wife to another man unleashes powerful emotions and desires in him… desires and emotions which are as potent as any aphrodisiac. Better than any porn.

Even if he isn’t really “losing” her, even if it’s just a game. His body doesn’t know that. His ancient monkey-brain doesn’t care. All it knows is that his woman is mating with another man. And that’s all it takes to wake up the fires of passion.

When he “loses her” in the game, don’t misunderstand. He wanted to lose. That friendly bet turned into something more… and even when he loses, even when she has to spend the night in HIS room… he still wins the game.

Confident cuckolds know how to transform the ultimate loss into the ultimate sensual win…

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