Her husband loves to show off his hotwife’s great body

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

She’s a little bit turned on by it, too.

She spends a lot of time in the gym keeping that amazing ass and those never-ending legs in prime condition.

Why not show off all that hard work?

Once her husband told her about his “thing”, she felt shy and confused… at first.

With a little patience, though, she realized he was right.

She remembered those times back in college when she “let it all out” in front of guys. And girls.

Those were some of the sexiest, steamiest, most exciting times in her life.

It still turns her on, when she knows men check her out.

With a body like hers, of course they are.

So when her husband cooked up a plan to get her all the flirty attention she could handle, how could she say now?

Yes, okay, it might involve her having sex with another man, too.

Is that weird?

What makes it wrong when they both get off on it?

She loves the excitement she feels when people watch her. She loves the control she feels over men.

And her husband? He’s a horn-dog that likes having a wife who is open with her sexuality. It’s not like he doesn’t get all the sex he wants with her… and if that means he’s got to share her with other guys from time to time, that’s what he’s going to do.

That’s all academic anyway. Truth is, he loves watching his wife in action, like his own personal porn-star.

Even when he doesn’t get to watch, he gets to hear all about it later.

It’s not for everybody… but this couple has made “cheating” into a fun and exciting part of their sex life… and their love life.

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