Hotwife fantasy tips when you aren’t ready to really do it

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Not everyone’s ready to take the leap.

If she’s shy about hopping into another man’s bed… if you aren’t sure how you’d handle your girlfriend getting laid… that’s okay.

The good news is, you don’t have to jump right into bed just because you have a kinky fantasy about cheating and watching.

Get into role play and let your imagination do the work.

Here’s some ideas:

  • Buy a dildo. Act like it’s a real person. Give it a name. Pretend it’s a real guy that gets to fuck her. Fool around together while “the other guy” penetrates her. Use it instead of a real bull.
  • Dirty talk during sex. Tell her what you’d like her to do. Ask her to tell you what she’d like to do, who she finds hot, who she thinks about when you’re having sex. Pairs well with the “bull” dildo.
  • Watch porn together and pretend she’s the porn star. See above.
  • Encourage her to flirt with guys when you go out together. Or when she goes out without you. Ask her to tell you about guys that have hit on her. Ask her if there’s any she thought about fucking.
  • If you’re comfortable letting her friends in on the role play thing, you might be able to ask one of them to help out. Encourage your gf to be more “friendly” with guys, that kind of thing.
  • Tell her you’d like her to dress “slutty” if she’s comfortable with that. Short dresses and skirts, no panties, low-cut tops that show off the cleavage. Works best if she’s going out for other reasons and you might suspect she’s going to be naughty.
  • Ask her to masturbate while thinking about other guys. With you there or by herself.
  • Ask her about old boyfriends.
  • Set up a text message role play where she pretends she’s “on a date” texting you updates.
  • Same as the above, but do it with reddit accounts. You might want to involve an “online pen pal” for this. Or just keep it between the two of you, like she’s arranging hook ups with another guy.

The great thing about this kink is that it’s 90% mental. If you play the head game by pretending you’re going through with it, you’re already getting most of what you want.

The main thing is to make her aware of all the male attention around her and to encourage her to open up to you about it.

Role playing won’t be quite like the real thing, but if you’re not ready to cross the line, you can still get a lot of mileage from fantasizing together.

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