Hotwifing awakened her true sexuality

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

You thought that “cheating” would be the end of your relationship, back when you were young and naive

Back then, you were jealous and possessive.

If she’s having sex with him, she’s not having it with you.

How wrong you were.

We all grow up, get older, more mature, more experienced.

After awhile, even the hottest fire burns down to smoldering coals.

You might think “she’s not sexual”, “she’s got a low libido”, “her sex drive just isn’t strong”.

And it can be true. Sexuality is complicated for women and there are a lot of reasons she might not be feeling it.

But her lack of interest in getting down could be plain old familiarity.

You know what they say about familiarity. It breeds contempt.

When it comes to that liquid fire between her legs, familiarity dries her up like the Sahara in summer.

She needs excitement, intensity, energy, passion, drive. Old reliable might fill her romantic needs… but if you want to turn her desert down there into a garden of pleasure, she needs aggressive attention.

And the most surprising thing that cuckolded husbands discover?

The more she’s sexual, the more sex you will get.

There’s a reason that women having affairs often get more frisky with their husbands at home.

An affair isn’t like sharing a banana cream pie. If Mark gets two slices, John gets none.

When a hotwife pairs up with a new lover, it’s like making a bigger pie. There’s more pie for everyone.

Many men don’t mind sharing her sexually once they realize that she’s coming home… and that he’s getting even more fun in the bedroom.

With hotwifing everybody wins.

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