Hotwifing doesn’t have to be gonzo outrageous

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

If you only get your expectations from porn you might think that the sex will be crazy.

The pro scenes you watch today are so unrealistic.

I don’t just mean that the situations are unlikely, either.

Even the sex feels artificial. Like the camera man planned each shot. (Which is probably what happened on the set.)

The sex isn’t just robotic. The positions aren’t even attractive. The way these guys fuck isn’t erotic or arousing. The women twisted up into weird knots aren’t sexual.

Honestly a lot of it is gross and unattractive.

Maybe some men are into that, when they imagine a cuckolding meet-up.

Probably most aren’t, though.

He’s imagining her having a rough, hard fuck… or a slow, tender, intimate ‘love making’ session… with the other guy.

That doesn’t have to look like a circus show. For best effect, you probably shouldn’t aim for that.

And if you’re introducing your special lady to the fantasy, you definitely don’t want her first impression to be a glammed-up pro doing acrobatics with three guys packing 10″ inch pricks.

Sex is best when it’s slow, raw, and natural — for all of you.

Your hotwifing experiences shouldn’t be any different.

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