Hotwifing is too good to be true

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

When you tell her that you want her to have sex with someone else, she’s not going to believe you.

Why would she?

Her whole life she’s been told that promiscuous women are bad. She’s supposed to be a good girl.

Men are jealous and possessive. A real man isn’t supposed to be okay with sharing her.

She may have her own expectations about a monogamous relationship.

If you look at it from the outside, a hotwife arrangement sounds like a win-win for her. She’s allowed all the sex she wants, from the men she wants, and she’s got a loving man at home too.

That’s exactly why she can’t believe it.

Hotwifing is too good to be true.

“He can’t really want this,” she’s thinking.

Make no mistake. Almost any woman, introduced gently and in the right situation, is going to be at least a little curious.

She puts up resistance because she has to. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t interested, if only a little bit.

The problem is making her believe it, which most cuckold men suck at.

They’re pushy, they’re whiny, they’re needy. Total turn-off.

If you want her to perk up at your fantasy, you need her hot and bothered. Get her in the mood first. Let her see how aroused the fantasy gets you. She may not find the fantasy that hot at first, but if you connect it to your arousal AND HERS, she’ll find it a lot more believable.

That’s the first step to convincing her. Make it believable.

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