Hotwifing lets her explore her domme side

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

It wouldn’t be cuckolding if your hotwife weren’t taking control of her sexual energy.

That’s a big draw for men.

He wants to see her inner animal let out of the cage…

The dynamic gets complicated, though.

Some men, the stags, are in this lifestyle for the sexual thrill. It’s frigging sexy when his gorgeous wife strips for another man and they hook up.

That focus on sex seems miles apart from the real cuckold. He’s dreaming of emotional submission to his dominant wife and (maybe) her bull.

But even the stag wants a little taste of submission. After all… when she’s penetrated by her lover, he’s not getting any.

They may not make fun of his small penis or degrade him in all the many ways that cucks love. But he’s still denied his own wife’s pussy while another man’s enjoying her.

That may only be a light dash of BDSM spice, but it’s enough to season the whole dish.

Somebody’s always the sub to the dominant player. Even if his sub streak only comes out in a real threesome… that other guy’s still plowing his wife.

As her husband, that pussy is supposed to be his and only his. Letting another cock slide inside her is already putting him into a submissive posture. Even if everyone involved knows this is just sexual fun.

Putting the hotwife in charge of the act is all part of the experience. Her endless ability for sex is the ultimate turn-on for a man. When that man has a cuckold kink, her sexual availability becomes an aphrodisiac.

Enjoy it, cucks and stags. The unleashed sexual appetites of your hotwife can bring you pleasures that a monogamous sex life can’t match.

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