Hotwives breaking the rules

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Cuckold relationships live or die by the rules you set together.

You’ve agreed that she’s allowed to cheat.

Only it’s not cheating when you’ve agreed you’re playing by new rules.

What “cheating” means is different for each couple.

Maybe you’re making it all about sex. No kissing, no sexting, no dating outside of your hookups.

Maybe she’s in charge and she wants a second boyfriend and cucky’s got to stay pussy free.

To break the rules you’ve got to make the rules.

And a hotwife can still break the rules.

She can still cheat even when you’ve agreed that it’s exciting when she “cheats”.

What you want is a special kind of rule-breaking.

You want her to break the rules of monogamous marriage.

But you want her to live up to the rules that you’ve agreed to keep.

When that works, it’s magical for both of you.

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