Hotwives & Cucks weren’t told the truth about their own sexual desires

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

They all told you it was about “happily ever after”, didn’t they?

Find that one perfect person and everything will be… perfect.

Did it work out that way?

Even if you’re happy in your long-term relationship, you might not be completely satisfied.

That’s an important difference. Stable relationships are comfortable and reliable.

They can also turn boring in the bedroom. Monogamy can be lethal to sex drive.

You might be happy with each other and completely dissatisfied with your lackluster sex life.

Which is one reason why so many couples split up… and why so many that stay together end up with one or both partners having affairs.

If you’ve got cuckold fantasies about your wife, or if you’re a hotwife yourself, you aren’t weird or abnormal or broken.

You’re taking that reality of sexual boredom and saying “no”.

You’re taking charge of it by tapping into a basic part of sexual desire.

You accept and embrace what monogamous couples take as a failure.

You know that cuckolding and hotwifing can please you… BOTH of you… in ways that monogamous sex can’t.

There’s nothing wrong with you or what you want. You can have your “cheating” cake and eat it, too.

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