Hotwives lose respect for their husbands?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

It’s easy to see why.

When she’s getting the good dick from a new man, he’s going to tug on her emotions as well as her pussy.

The other side of that is, that animal part of the brain is wondering.

Why isn’t my husband standing up for me?

Which is all part of the fun.

For hubby, he’s getting off on that deprivation. He wants that edge of emasculation. That gentle tease of losing her, if only for a few hours, while she’s pleasured by a new and different guy.

Even the most loyal of hotwife, who is into the game on a purely sexual level, risks feeling some loss of attraction to her husband.

Respect is a fine line to walk. Many wannabe cuckold husbands can’t even tell her about the fantasy because it will make him look like less of a man unless he’s very careful in how he approaches that discussion.

At the same time, he’s willingly asking her to cheat on him… which is an activity most happy women, who respect their husbands, would never dream of doing.

He’s got to be a stand-up guy that she thinks well of while asking her to disrespect him.

This dynamic all happens on an unconscious level, of course. Neither one of them may have the first idea that this status game is going on. But we’re all playing it.

Things go better when you understand what’s on the line.

The savvy cucks and hotwives out there will use this knowledge to their advantage, to have better, sexier, more satisfying sex.

The rest… well, they are walking into an emotional mine-field or worse.

Use this as you see fit.

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