How do you get into hotwifing?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

That’s not only an “academic” question.

You can take it two ways.

How do guys (or the rare ladies) find out that they’re into this kinky mess?

That’s one. Here’s the other:

How do you take that first step as a couple to officially enter the lifestyle?

Sometimes they have the same answer. A guy gets with a girl, she cheats on him for reasons of her own, he finds out… and, hey, why am I getting hard when I think about her getting laid?

Those relationships don’t tend to last, not after she broke his trust and disrespected him so blatantly. But if he’s into it, and if they get over that bump in the road, that can be one way into hotwifing.

It doesn’t take a full-on affair for that to happen, by the way. It can be triggered by something as tame as a story about an ex boyfriend… flirting with another guy while you’re out for drinks… or even seeing another guy check her out in public.

It’s all harmless… but it gets his fires raging.

If that’s you, there’s only one thing you can do, and that’s tell her about it.

Let her know that it turns you on when she gets attention from other men.

Let her know that you’re “okay with it” if it went further than hungry looks and flirting.

Let her know that you like the idea of having a “cheating” wife… and she has your trust and permission if the opportunity ever came up.

You may never sell her on the idea… but you know better than that, right? You’ll never force her to do anything.

But if you put the idea in her mind and show her that it can be a fun and arousing source of excitement for both of you… well, she might just make up her own mind…

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