How should a cuck look for a cuckoldress?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

If you’re a man with a cuckold fetish, that puts you in an awkward place.

You aren’t just facing shaming and maybe bullying from other men if they find out.

A lot of women you meet won’t “get” your kink either.

You see this most often in existing relationships where the guy discovers that he’s turned on by his girl having sex with someone else.

That blows up all the monogamy programming for women. Men aren’t “supposed” to want that.

But it’s even harder for single men who want to find a partner and experience the lifestyle with her.

Do you tell her what you’re into when you first start dating? It’s more honest that way. But it’s also more likely to run her off unless she’s the right kind of lady.

There are plenty of open-minded, curious, and playful women out there, for sure. That leaves you with the problem of finding them.

The other option is to date like a “normal” monogamous couple and then slowly warm her up to your kink later on.

This “slow thaw” approach means that you can’t expect your fantasy to happen. You might never reach a place where you’re okay, as a couple, to try out hotwife or cuckolding play in your sex lives.

And you don’t want to be looking for relationships just so you can get off on your wife-sharing fantasy.

There’s a line between the kink and the healthy relationship.

You can have both. But the relationship, the connection and the communication between the two of you, has to come first.

Be honest, be open, and move slowly.

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