How should a wife treat her cuckold husband?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

There’s this old Italian movie called All Ladies Do It.

It’s one of those Tinto Brass movies, the kind of porn that they call high art.

It’s about a super-hot housewife, played by the lovely Claudia Koll, who starts out “role play” cucking her husband.

That’s where it gets interesting. If you’re into cuckolding fantasy it’s a must-watch.

What happens is that this gorgeous and sexually bored housewife goes out and plays “tease” with different guys.

At first it’s innocent. Look but don’t touch. Then she goes home to her husband and tells him all about it. He thinks it’s super-sexy when he thinks she’s just playing. It spices up their boring love-life, so why not?

But then these friends of hers tempt her into going through with it for real.

She meets this alpha guy who dominates her. She starts fucking him, still telling her husband about the whole thing. He thinks it’s still role play.

But that all backfires big-time when hubby finds out it’s not just a story, she’s actually out getting it on hard-core with another guy.

They don’t split up at the end, but there’s a lot of drama. The relationship won’t ever be the same. Maybe that’s good, maybe it’s not.

There’s lessons from this movie that any hotwife can use on her cuckold husband.

The husband’s right to be mad about her behavior. As we like to say around here, sex is sex, but trust is trust. You can be a cheating slut wife and fuck all kinds of men without violating the trust of your husband. He might be perfectly fine with a dick going in your pussy as long as he knows about it.

It’s the lie that stings, not the fuck.

A lot of men with the cuckold fantasy, who get turned on by hotwifing, they’d be happier with a “role play” arrangement. As fun as it is to think about cheating-wife sex, there’s a whole lot of reality to process with that — for him and her.

But that whole time, he was super turned on by it all. He loved the idea of his wife being an uninhibited fuck-toy. Even when she got found out, it was still arousing.

Hotwives, there’s one word you need to know:


The wanting is always better than the getting.

Tease him about it by telling him stories about what you did. Tell him about your slutty past. Tell him what you fantasize about when he’s pounding away at you.

If you really cross that line and hop into bed with other men, tease him about that too. Show him text messages and emails. Show him the filthy pics you send your lovers. Show him pics and videos of you in the act.

It’s a balancing act. You need to treat your cuckold husband as the loyal partner that he is. But he also needs that tease, that feeling of jealous fear and angst and excitement that happens when you make yourself available sexually.

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