How submissive must a cuck husband be?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Male submission comes with the cuckold fantasy.

Even couples in a total stag and vixen situation can’t get away from that.

Any husband with a sexually available wife accepts that other men are getting sex with her.

But not all submission is equally submissive.

Men with full-blown cuckoldry desires… guys who get off on small-penis humiliation and feminization… couples exploring chastity and female-led relationships (FLR)…

These men are submissive through and through. They’re getting a thrill from the emotional angst.

Other couples might like to hit up the swinger’s club once in awhile and watch her get railed by a guy or two. Find a guy on a dating app and arrange a meet-up in a hotel once every few months.

The stag husband might watch, or he might hear about it later. For the most part he’s not getting his rocks off from the angst of it.

He wants to know about the sex.

He wants to imagine her body in ecstasy from another guy’s skills.

He wants to “reclaim” her when she gets home.

He loves knowing he’s the second (or third or fourth or…) guy inside her that day.

That’s still submission, but the amount and quality matter.

You don’t have to be all-in with BDSM kink to have a hotwife relationship.

You can have a satisfying hotwife relationship based around “vanilla cuckolding”.

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