How to dirty talk to your cuckold

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

It’s all about the power dynamics.

The beating heart of the cuckolding and hotwife fantasies is unleashed female sexuality.

He wants her to take charge of sex. He wants her to act aggressively in the bedroom.

Classic cuckolds get off on the submission to her dominance.

Stag husbands in a hotwife or S/V arrangement aren’t quite there. They’re more into the raw “pornified” sex. But even these men draw sexual energy from her excitement.

An aroused woman signaling her sexual availability is the most erotic thing a man can experience.

Cuckolds, stags, and “hot husbands” have found a unique way to eroticize her sexual desire.

Understand this, and you, a hotwife, can run the bedroom. And more.

If you’re a cuckoldress or a hotwife who wants to dirty-talk to her man, the first thing to know is that he wants you to take charge.

We’re not talking about full-on BDSM with leather and handcuffs. It can be as simple as a little physical aggression. Get on top of him. Get forceful. Push him up against a wall. Push him down on the bed. Nibble on his ear while you whisper dirty fantasies to him.

Tell him that you saw a hot guy at work, in the store, at the gym. Make it clear that this guy got you wetter than monsoon season. Tell your husband that you fantasized about having sex with him. Ask him how much he wants you to do that.

Whisper all of this in his ear while you reach into his pants. Not to finish the job. Only tease him. Get him mad with lust.

If you’re a hotwife or S/V couple, this will lead to sex. You’re still in charge. Make him lick you. Give him a BJ while you tell him how much you want that other guy… or how great your ex used to give it to you before you met him.

Control the rhythm of the sex by staying on top and tease him. Ask him if he likes being in your pussy after another guy had it.

If you’re in a cuckold or femdom relationship, then deny him penetration. Continue to tell him how much you want sex from a real man with a big dick. Force him to lick you to orgasm.

If you allow him to finish, make it a handjob. If you’re punishing him, ruin his orgasm. If you’re cruel, don’t let him cum at all.

The main thing? Show your aggression. Take charge. Tell him what YOU want to do with another guy. Remind him that you are interested in sex with men besides him.

Do that, and your cuckold/stag will be in heaven.

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