How to talk to your cuckold about your kink

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

“My husband gets really turned on when I flirt with guys. I’m thinking about doing it.”

Words that any man with cuck or stag tendencies would love to hear.

So how do you do it?

It’s awkward at first, for him and her.

He’s got to muster up the courage to tell her — and deal with his own conflicted feelings.

She’s got to work through the shock of it — and her suspicions. He can’t be serious! What’s he really up to?

With patience and honesty, many couples can work through this.

But how do you talk about it?

How do you talk to your cuckold about your fantasies?

What he wants and what she wants (and what she’s willing to do) might involve very different things.

He might be into raw sex… or extreme humiliation.

She might be more interested in the attention, or the great sex she gets from other men who can perform better in the bedroom.

You won’t know until you can talk about it.

The easy way is to bring it up as pillow talk when you’re fooling around.

If you want to use a totally unfair life-hack, wait until she’s ovulating, a few days after the end of her period.

When she’s horny and you’re going down on her, she might be a lot more “interested”.

Another way is to watch porn together. Show her what you’d like, and let her show you. Or the other way around, if you’re the hotwife.

The most important thing any cuckold husband (even a wannabe) should remember?

Don’t be needy and don’t be a pest.

That’s the quickest way to dry up the pussy and make sure it never happens.

To sum it up, be honest and genuine about what you want, and listen to what your partner has to tell you.

Most people never listen, they just pause while the other person makes sounds.

If you want a successful cuckold/hotwife relationship, you’d better be as good at hearing as you are at talking.

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