I guess I could do that, if you really want me to

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

It started after she told me about the guy who hit on her at the bar while she was out with her friends that night.

She brought it up to tease me.

We joked around about it, at first. I would tease her about her “new boyfriend” and she’d give me a play-slap on the arm.

“Oh my god I am not like that! You are so dirty.”

She had no idea.

We went on like that for a few weeks before I told her.

It was one Sunday afternoon. We’d gone out for a run that morning. She’d just come out of the shower, stretching out her slender body next to me on the bed.

One thing led to another. Fooling around turned into dirty talk.

Somewhere between first base and third I blurted it out.

“If you wanted sex from that guy, I wouldn’t mind.”

Yeah, I held back the truth. How’s this innocent good-girl going to react if I told her that I jerked off to the idea of her hooking up with that guy who flirted with her?

I braced for the impact I knew was coming.

“You really want that?”

I guess it helped that she was in the mood. I told her about it with my head between her legs.

“It would be sexy as hell if you hooked up with another guy,” I told her as I pleasured her.

“Oh, wow. Okay.”

We didn’t have much time for conversation the next few minutes. I felt her get close to climax.

As she got near the edge, I asked her. “Do you want to fuck that sexy guy? Do you want his cock in you?”

I felt her whole body shiver as she came. She never moans, but I heard the whimper.

“You liked that,” I told her. I was raging for her as I climbed on top.

“Is that bad?” she asked. “Do you think I’m a slut?”

“It’s not bad,” I said. I found her opening and slid inside her. “You can be my slut.”

“Do you want that?” she said, looking into my eyes.

“I’d like to try it.”

“That’s so dirty.” She was panting now, getting close to her second orgasm.

“You can be my dirty girl. I want you to be my dirty girl.”

“I guess I could do that, if you really want me to.”

That was enough. I came then and felt her climax again.

Our bedroom was about to get a lot more exciting.

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