I paid my wife to become a hotwife escort for another man

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Warning: 18+ only. Very sexy NSFW content!

My wife was reluctant to sleep with another man. Until I offered her $1000 to do it.

Being a high-class escort usually involves getting money from the client. Here’s a story about the time I paid my wife to service a traveling businessman.

We were in the car after the party at the Calderon’s, having another fight about sex.

As usual, the topic of her attractiveness to other men came up. As did her prudishness in our bedroom.

My wife is an attractive brunette, on the taller side. She’s always down on her looks, especially as we’ve gotten a little older. We’re only in our late 30s, and she’s still gorgeous, as I tell her all the time, but she doesn’t seem to believe me.

Tonight, at the Marty and Esperanza Calderon party, she’d spent half the night talking to a charming, dapper young man at least 10 years younger than us.

The conversation went along as it always did.

She’s down on herself.

I’m trying my best to make her feel attractive.

She’s shutting it all down.

This time I’d had enough. What’s left to lose? We barely have sex anymore as it is… what’s she going to do, turn me down?

I upped the ante.

“I don’t think you’d do it even if I paid you,” I told her.

We knew what “it” meant. Fucking the guy who’d practically nibbled her ear off tonight.

To my surprise, she drops a question.

“How much are you talking about?”

It sounds like a sarcastic question. I play along anyway.

“A thousand bucks says you won’t do it.”

My wife was reluctant to get sex outside our marriage even though I wanted her to get laid.

And I was frustrated because she never wanted sex with me.

So I made her a proposition.

I figured that a grand was enough to keep her quiet, since she didn’t say another word about it on the whole ride home.

Later on, we were getting undressed for bed. She hadn’t let it go.

“Even if I wanted to take your bet, how am I supposed to find a guy?”

“How hard is it for an attractive woman to get laid?”

My mind flashed back to her conversation with the man at the party.

“You could have done it tonight.”

The look in her eyes said it all.

Maybe she didn’t believe me. Maybe she thought I was humoring her, an aging housewife.

She didn’t really want to do it, I could tell. Her pride wouldn’t let her back down.

“Tell you what then. I’ll arrange the whole thing. I’ll find the guy. I’ll even spring for the hotel room if we need it.”

“And you’ll still pay me the $1000.” It wasn’t a question.

“That’s the bargain.”

She wasn’t going to do it. I may as well have fun with it.

“Okay. You’ve got your bargain then.”

Looking at her slender body beneath the sheer silk robe, I felt my cock twitch in excitement.

Age or no, my wife had a cock-stiffening body. Long legs, hourglass waist, D-cup tits that were as firm as when she was 21.

She sounded serious. Which made me even hotter for her.

Would she really give it up to another guy just to prove me wrong?

That body getting it on with another man? Another penis inside her?

Look at me, a real pimp. For my own wife.

I had to jerk off twice before I could fall asleep.

We made it a date.

A few weeks later I took her out to a fancy hotel bar known for its clientele of well-off business travelers… and high-priced escorts.

When we got there, there were plenty of targets that caught her eye.

Lots of competition, too.

It wasn’t long before her insecurities started up. I’m too old and not pretty enough.

I don’t know, should we even do this?

Baby I don’t know if it’s a good idea.

I couldn’t show it but inside I was triumphant. I knew she wouldn’t go through with it.

I agreed, reluctantly, to call it a night.

I went to use the toilet before we called it a night.

I guess she had second thoughts… or maybe at this point she was going to make me live with my choice and pay her the cash.

In hindsight I wasn’t all that surprised to see another man chatting her up at the bar when I came back from the men’s room.

What did surprise me was how interested she looked. This guy, in a suit, maybe 10 years older than her, eating out of her hand.

She didn’t glance over at me. She didn’t even take her eyes off the guy as she laughed and obviously flirted with him.

I was taken back, to be honest. That and my dick was getting hard.

My phone buzzed. The text said

Getting what u wanted

I watched their conversation for the next 15 minutes.

She had her long legs crossed, showing from underneath a slit dress. You could see almost everything.

Did she even wear panties tonight?

My heart raced as her new friend’s rubbed my wife’s bare thigh. She was encouraged him, the bitch!

The real shocker came through a few minutes later. I saw her grab her phone. Then my phone buzzed:

We are going to his room 213. He bought 1 hour. Wait for me here.

We hadn’t talked about this.

I’d been so sure she wouldn’t do it that we never really made plans.

But I was committed, I guess.

I ordered another drink while I watched my wife walk out of the bar, her ass swinging just right in that tight dress, another man’s hand around her waist.

The next hour was the longest of my life.

And then one hour later, down to the minute, my phone buzzed:

Your naughty wife is on the way down 😳

I met her in the lobby. Her hair was slightly messy but otherwise you couldn’t tell she’d done anything.

She had a look in her eye that seemed like a frightened wild animal. Like she did something she didn’t expect.

“Hey,” I say to her. What do you say to your wife after she just had sex with a guy for money?

She hurries up to me, looking around nervously, and says we have to go.

I wanted to hear everything. But I had to wait until we got out to the car.

Once we’re in the car, she leans over to kiss me (before I can think what that might mean).

In her seat, she’s giggling like a schoolgirl, breathing like she just ran a race. She’s glowing.

“My heart’s fluttering. OMG I can’t believe I did that. I feel so dirty but I feel so excited. You’re married to a whore.”

She flips out a slim roll of $100 bills from her purse. Counts out ten of them.

“Looks like I don’t have to pay you after all,” I said.

She shook her head, laughing. “No way, this is bonus money. I earned it. Pay up, buddy.”

“But he got your pussy,” I said.

“That was your idea. I did want you wanted. Now you have to keep your promise.”

Okay, I wasn’t getting out of it.

“Was it at least good?” I asked.

Talk about money was a distraction. I wanted to know about the sex. Thinking of my wife being a dirty whore for a total stranger made my dick hard.

She didn’t answer me for awhile.

Once we’d driven a little way, she opened up.

“He was very good. Bigger than you and he could last a long time. I wasn’t expecting it honestly.”

She’d forgotten what it was like to get fucked good, in other words.

Hey, at least she was honest.

It got quiet in the car after that. The kind of quiet when you’re watching porn and nobody wants to say anything.

Once we got home and parked the car, she spoke up again.

“There’s something else. He didn’t want to use a condom, so…”

“And you let him? But we didn’t agree to that babe.”

Now I’m worried and even more excited.

“Did he… you know… finish…”

She doesn’t say anything. I can see her blushing.

My wife’s pussy is full of a stranger’s cum.

Fuck it, I want to see it.

“No way. Let me see.”

She pulls up her dress, pulls her tiny lace panties to the side…

And there it is.

She’s dripping another man’s cum from her pussy.

Holy shit.

I can’t think of a time I’ve ever been hornier for my wife.

“He made me feel sexy,” she admits. “I wanted him to cum in me.”

I nod along, in a trance, in no mood to argue about it.

That night I got my first sloppy seconds. It wasn’t my last.

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