I saw him looking, too! You’re okay if we do it, right?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Okay, so she got wet down at the pool.

And, yes, fine, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

All the guys hanging down at the deck saw your girlfriend’s tits.

It really happened, yes. But you both planned it that way, didn’t you?

Like maybe you wanted it to happen.

Like maybe you wanted her to show off the goods to that “cute guy”, the one she said was flirting with her before.

But now she’s ready to cross that line.

She loved the attention. She’s told you about her cute little voyeur streak. Now that you’ve talked about it and she’s thought about it, she loves the intensity. She loves the excitement.

She wants to fuck him.

I mean, it was your idea. You want this too, right? You’re not having second thoughts are you?

He’s already seen her tits. May as well let it happen.

Who are you kidding? You’d tell her to do it anyway.

Tell her yes. Let her enjoy a different man… and then take her back.

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