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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Not every woman will be so easy to convince.

Even if she’s curious on some level, chances are that you’ve got to be patient and committed to get your wife or girlfriend to spread her legs for another man.

It’s not all about sex for her. Women need to be in the right frame of mind… feel the right emotions… to open up for a penis.

Not to say this can’t happen, and it can’t happen easy. Just think of all the affairs that “just happen”, nobody to blame! But the dynamic of hotwifing and cuckolding for fun, and the way most cuckold-curious couples approach that fantasy, not to mention the realities of being a married couple, makes it frustrating.

There’s always those exceptional ladies at the far side of the bell curve, who are down for the kinkiest sex… who will hop into bed with other men for your pleasure and her own.

Those girls are rare like hen’s teeth, though. A woman who sees herself as a committed girlfriend or housewife or even has real concerns about her reputation in her peer-group (which covers almost everyone with a vagina) will take patient work on behalf of the would-be cuck husband.

Men don’t get this. Men experience sexual excitement directly, intensely. His wife’s sex drive, meanwhile, has a mental and emotional dimension that he can’t see. It’s like trying to explain red to a blind man.

But many women, more than you would think, are lusty, under-sexed, and keeping secret fantasies locked deep inside.

The trick isn’t convincing her to cuck you.

The trick, for men, is learning how to unlock her secret “inner slut”.

You don’t do that the usual way…

Giving her a sales presentation isn’t going to do it.

But if you can get her to associate her kinky side with positive feelings…

If she understands that her kinky side makes YOU horny… and that you aren’t just toying with her because you’re sick of her, or so you can be with another woman… now you’re playing the right game.

Once she realizes she’s free to do those kinky things she wants… and that she makes you hot for her when she does…

Then you’ve got a chance to get your wish.

Just… be careful that it is your wish. Once you open Pandora’s box, you may not be able to put the demon back…

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