I want a slutty girlfriend

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

What if you said that to a woman you just met? What if you were getting along with a new guy and he told you that?

Cuckold fantasies and hotwife kinks sound like the perfect win-win for women in a monogamous relationship.

She gets to have sex with other guys that light her erotic fires. He stays home and stays loyal to her.

That’s the Queenbee Effect in full force. She wants monogamy… her sex drive needs attention from new and different men.

But there’s a game that cuckolds and hotwives have to play.

It’s not about respectability, or your standing in the community. Those things are important, but what really drives the hesitation to share is the fear of breaking the rules you grew up with.

A woman isn’t supposed to be slutty. She’s supposed to take up with one guy and keep her “number” down.

A man isn’t supposed to be into slutty chicks. He’s supposed to be the slut, play the field, and not take any head-games from the female sex.

Cuckolds and hotwives break the unspoken rules in super kinky, highly sexual ways… ways that tap into deep-rooted desires in the human mind.

Our bodies really are wired to take pleasure in infidelity.

If you’ve discovered those pleasures, enjoy yourself.

If you haven’t, or if you haven’t brought up the erotic thrills you get out of the hotwife fantasy to your partner, then remember what a surprise it can be.

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have found your own slutty chick. Most women will need time to process the bomb you dropped.

But if you’re willing to move slow and gently, without becoming a pest… you might find that almost any woman who would date you would be your slutty girlfriend.

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