I’m married to a very dirty boy. I think I like it.

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

“If you’re into that, I can give it a try.”

That’s what any warm-blooded male with a cuck or stag fetish wants to hear.

It’s sexy when she’s a kinky girl, isn’t it?

You might think that the cuckold fetish is about the man’s feelings of shame and guilt. But that’s only part of it — and for some guys it barely registers.

The hotwife fantasy is really about taking the brakes off of female sexuality.

He’s turned on by her aggressive energy. And nothing says aggressive sexuality in a woman like promiscuity.

Hotwife couples have to walk a thin rope. You need a stable, committed relationship where both partners are loyal, for this to work.

It’s not the same thing if you’re in a casual FWB arrangement.

The dynamic needs that commitment. But you also need to break those rules.

It’s a mind game.

But when you find a woman who’s into you enough to hop into bed with other guys, and you can both enjoy that… it’s a little bit of magic.

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