Is cuckolding a destructive erotic obsession?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

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Hell of a question, Miss Blaze.

Chances are you didn’t come here for a lecture, did you?

You came here to think about your wife’s screaming orgasms with new and different men.

But… have you thought about it?

Truth is… yeah, it can be destructive.

Take one look around at all the porn-addicted men who can’t even be with their wives or girlfriends (if they even have one) because they can’t get hard without imagining a cuckolding experience.

They’ve trained their sexual responses to the mental imagery of getting cucked.

And it gets worse.

For a lot of guys falling down this rabbit hole, the angst becomes even more important than the sex.

It’s not even about the sexual desire anymore, it’s about getting embarrassed, shamed, humiliated, feeling guilty, being submissive to a domme wife or the guy fucking her, and being made to feel like a piece of unworthy human filth.

At WHTC we understand that this is a delicate issue. There’s a fine line between fun tease & denial and real abuse. Cuckolding really is a kind of BDSM play. The dom/sub and sado-masochism angles are rife.

No shame on your kink, cuck.

But we suggest that you recognize the difference between fantasy mode and real life.

If you’re dealing with real emotional problems, we all love you and want the best for you.

If you’re just a filthy minded slut, that’s okay too. We also love you (and find you sexually arousing).

This is why WHTC is more of about hotwife advocacy than straight-up cuckolding.

We’re all into that heart-throbbing feeling when another guy gets interested and she gets interested back… the clammy hands and the hard dick, mixing jealousy, arousal, and that feeling like you’re on the world’s scariest roller-coaster.

But we want it to be a positive experience for the both of you.

It’s about your relationship. Satisfying both your needs.

That’s hard to do if you’re a self-hating “beta male” in the bedroom who can’t ever turn that off in the rest of the house.

Cuck away, cucks… but you’re in a relationship, and kinky sex isn’t the only thing going on in your love life.

Make sure to enjoy the screaming orgasms she gets from her big-dicked boyfriends, though.

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