Is hotwifing sort of like escorting?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

That’s one way cuckolds and stag husbands get off on the fantasy of wife-sharing.

It’s like “selling” her body to another guy, for a short time. If you make it about the money, it’s not an emotional or romantic affair.

She’s coming home to you, back to your bed, after the deal’s done.

There are couples out there who play it this way. The hotwife likes the thrill and attention of being a high-class prostitute. Some even go as far as to work in the “oldest profession”.

There’s a certain security in this for both the cuck and the hotwife.

But a lot of couples into this kink don’t put that much effort into it. It really is about the rough-and-raw sex. She dates other guys the way she dates her husband, including the “happy ending” finish.

There’s no money involved. There’s not even the pretend game of being an escort or a porn star.

It seems like a lot of the rules apply, though. The cuckold has not just accepted that his wife is getting it from other men. He loves it. He wants it. He gets off on it.

What’s she doing with him? What’s he going to do to her? Is she going to like it more with him?

Even if it’s not for money, many of the thoughts and feelings are the same. There’s always that sizzling current of jealousy and fear and apprehension.

Then it’s over, and the electricity transforms into sexual energy, and you’re back to normal.

She may not be a “working girl”, but your dynamic may not be all that different.

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