Is this what you wanted?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

She’s with him now. They’re down to almost no clothes, exploring their bodies on the bed in front of you.

Your beautiful bride is about to have sex with another guy.

Just like you wanted.

You can tell she’s into it. Her body’s reacting to the touch of a new lover. The excitement of a different man caught her by surprise.

Maybe it caught you, too. You wanted to see her with another guy and it’s turned out more erotic and more exciting than you imagined.

Is this what you wanted?

To see her perform for you, as your private slut, your personal porn star?

You better hope so. You’re about to be a cuckold. There’s no taking that back once he’s inside her.

Every time you have sex with her from now on, you’ll know that another man has been inside her, too. Felt her warmth that you’re feeling. Enjoyed her body, which your marriage vows committed to you.

You like that, don’t you? You’re getting aroused just reading it, aren’t you?

Enjoy being a cuckold.

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