It is weird that you want me to have sex with him, but I’ll do it if you want

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

It’s a good sign that she’s at least listening to you.

A lot of guys get a hard “no” when they tell their wives about this.

When she says she’ll do it, that’s a good as an “okay”.

Thing is, if you’re the guy making this indecent proposal, what you don’t understand is that she’s probably a little tempted.

Even the most outwardly prudish and asexual woman wants to be desired by men. She wants to feel attractive and sexual.

When she says no, it’s not because she wouldn’t be down for sweet orgasmic loving by a hot stud that lights her fires.

The thing you aren’t getting, cuck, is that she isn’t into sex the way your male brain is into sex.

She’s under a lot of pressure to keep her legs closed. She’s taking all the risk of getting pregnant, not to mention the fallout to her reputation among the other moms in the community should word get out.

If your lady is open minded enough to consider it, you can call yourself lucky.

Best thing you can do? Go with it.

Play with it. Show her that you’re sincere, that it turns you on big-time.

It’s harder than you’d think to get your woman into bed with another guy.

When she says “okay”, you’re in a great place. Now run with it.

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