It’s just sex, she said

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Would you cuckold your husband for money?

Does that sound too trashy?

It shouldn’t.

Sure, it sounds like a porn fantasy. That’s how a lot of the hotwife and cuck porn starts out.

The camera guy makes a proposal to the innocent couple. In exchange for paying this month’s rent, she spreads her legs and gets railed by a stranger.

It sounds fantastic… until you understand that a lot of married women really do sex work.

That means everything from escorting to making porn.

The husbands of these women wouldn’t be hanging around if they weren’t okay with it.

There’s a reason they are still there.

Chances are, they’re into it.

If you’re into the lifestyle, it might be even better to treat it as a “paid” arrangement.

If it’s all business, there’s no emotion… no third wheel to put your relationship at risk.

You get the excitement of your sharing kink, and your mortgage paid for the month.

A lot of the ladies killing it on Only Fans make this work.

That’s not a bad arrangement, if you’re both on the same page.

I mean, it’s just sex, right?

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