I’ve only been with one guy so my boyfriend wants me to try another man

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Some couples get together early in life and they don’t have much experience with other people.

This worked for many marriages, once upon a time.

Today things are different.

There’s sex everywhere. It’s easier than ever to meet people willing and able to have it. Lots of it.

Women are starved for choice. Where her grandmother would have to suck it up and live with one man for life, she’s got options.

So when your young fiance only has ever tried your dick, she might start to wonder.

What’s it like to be with another man?

Wouldn’t it be kinda… exciting?

To cheat? Just once?

It happens. A lot, if the divorce rates and cheating-related breakups are anything to go by.

But some men want this. They want their wives and wives-to-be to have those experiences with other men.

It turns him on, enjoying the pleasure of his special lady as she learns more about her desires.

And she’s able to explore on her own terms, with any guy that lights up her loins.

Sometimes cuckolding happens because both partners want the same thing.

That’s when it’s super-sexy.

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