That knockout Indian girl on the train had a cuck boyfriend

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I could barely see her face under her long black hair and I already wanted to taste her pussy.

Dark green dress barely covering up her panties. Was she even wearing panties? Who cares. I bet she’s got a trim landing strip down there. My tongue ran up and down it on the way to more interesting parts.

Low-top white slip-on shoes. Longest caramel mocha legs you’ve ever seen in your life.

Tits about to roll out of that low-cut v-neck on the dark green dress.

Goddamn I wanted to nut in her face and in her pussy at the same time. You know that’s impossible right? Of course it’s impossible. Everyone knows that. I wanted to do it though.

When I talked to her I knew she had a boyfriend. I had her giggling and giving me the right body language in less than sixty seconds. We’re going to fuck, I tell myself. I’m right, too.

She’s got a boyfriend, she says. Doesn’t matter. Not today. Today’s boyfriends want to watch their girlfriends have sex with other guys. There’s perks to being an other guy like me.

We’re talking and laughing on the train ride and I’m looking at my glistening cock sliding in that tight pussy. Her boyfriend doesn’t know what he’s feeling as he watches me between his girl’s spread legs filling up his girl’s pussy.

Her titties bounce all over the place like good titties. Fully naked she’s a little chubby the way younger girls can be chubby and super-sexy. She’s got the hips for grabbing and the long legs and the tits that bounce but stay firm.

My cock’s inside that body.

Her boyfriend wants this, doesn’t he? It’s his idea. Yes, she says. He loves it when I get fucked by a real man. We’re doing a good job of that.

She wants me to cum in her pussy. You want me to cum in your pussy, I ask her. It’s not a question.

She says yes and her cuck doesn’t know what to do. He slips away into the bathroom. Something about birth control? Maybe he thinks we don’t notice. We notice even though we’re busy fucking like rabbits. He’s going to blow his load. Maybe cry once he’s not horny anymore.

I’m up to the hilt inside his girlfriend fertilizing her pussy with 100 million of my sperm. He’s going to come out of the bathroom sad and see my genes leaking from his future wife’s vagina.

This all happens in 120 seconds of conversation in my mind. We’re arriving at the stop and she’s getting off.

She damn sure is.

Her number’s in my phone and we’re going to text later. That part is real. She wants to text me. I told her I’d send her a surprise gift.